18 July 2022

Book Review: Aunt Edwina's Fabulous Wishes by Lynne Christensen

Located in a fancy spa town in England, Fizzleywick Hotel is a grand place for the wedding of your imagination. That's right, Canadian author Lynne Christensen has set her family history novel in Plumsden and Brambleford and other quaint towns in Kent that you won't find on the map. After all, it's more about the adventure than the destination. You shouldn't be seeking the help of Amelia Georges of the Pixleton Family History Society anyway; just know that volunteers and staff in real places will provide you with resources to uncover genealogical clues—but it's your job to do the work. So call ahead to make reservations and don't be daunted by unexpected events, untimely closures, and not finding everything you need in one place. 

Thanks to Aunt Edwina, Julie and her cousin Gertie embark on a family history treasure hunt. They need to find scattered clues left behind in family papers, paintings, and even the landscape itself. With the help of friends in high and low places, the two women find secret stashes hidden in everyday objects and within people's memories. The people they meet, from a pawn shop owner to aristocrats turned B&B hosts, all help them solve the puzzles. 

From charming characters to precise descriptions of imaginary locations, this book is an entertaining but smart read. Did you ever think about attending an antiques market to learn where an old key fits? Or taking the time to meet with the locals who have all sorts of stories to tell? In the end, Julie and Gertie are successful, but like all family trees, there's always more to discover. That's why Aunt Edwina's Fabulous Wishes is book 1 of a series. 

(received free book to review)

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