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Genealogy is like seeing through a looking glass not only a glimpse of yourself but of all the ancestors before you.

An avid genealogist, I have been researching my family tree for 25+ years. Thanks to my maternal grandfather, my roots are deep in Boston and New England, though my ancestors have led me on a merry chase throughout the United States. My other three grandparents were immigrants, and while Ive enjoyed the wonderful online genealogy resources for Scotland for two of them, I must admit to not having a knack for languages and haven't delved much into old German script.   

At Genealogy Ink, I share my enthusiasm for family history by writing about records and research. Genealogy Ink explores hidden repositories, best web sites, cemeteries, ancestral neighborhoods, and tricks of the trade. I try to provide historical perspectives on everything from witches to Boston Brahmins as well as tips for publishing genealogy research and the lowdown on where to find records.
This blog started as the Boston Genealogy Examiner column at Examiner.com. Those articles have been added to this site.

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About the Links

Genealogy Ink includes some affiliate links. If you click on any affiliate links and purchase a book, subscription, genealogy program, or whatnot, the company sends a few pennies my way. That referral fee comes out of their pocket, not yours. Other links are to resources that I’ve found along the research trail. Hopefully you’ll find some that lead you to new discoveries.

About Me

I am a longtime member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the National Genealogy Society, the Genealogical Society of New Jersey, and USGenWeb. 

My background is in publishing and marketing. When not doing genealogy, I am a freelance editor, writer, and researcher. 

Contact me at rlcww3@gmail.com or leave a comment on a blog post.

Keeping Up with Genealogy Ink

On Facebook, I post relevant news stories, links, events, and other tidbits that may not make it to my blog. 

In addition to my blog, I host the Union County, New Jersey, USGenWeb site, which also has a NJUnion Facebook page.

I also have a Witches of Massachusetts Bay website for witch-hunt historians, researchers, descendants, and the curious. It includes roadtrip suggestions and events, research information and links, and a blog.

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Robin C. Mason, Genealogy Ink